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Our small business term loans are made for businesses that need longer term growth capital 

What is a term loan?

A long-term loan is a funding structure for developed businesses that need a large amount of capital at a lower interest rate for growth. These long-term loans typically have repayment terms of at least 2 to 10 years, which can be especially suitable for business owners looking to make an investment in their business that will provide a return on investment over a long period of time. 

For online long-term business loans, the approval process is straightforward and convenient and we connect you with the right-sized capital to meet your business goals.


Is a term loan ideal for my business?

Long-term business loans allow borrowers to pursue large-scale growth investments while paying for the initiative over the life of the loan. Whether you are looking to tackle the next part of your business plan, open a new location, purchase/rent new equipment, expand into new markets, grow your team, or launch a new product, long-term loans can help you reach your next phase of growth.

Longer term loans are best for planned business expansion and growth goals. Similar to buying a house or getting a college education, many business initiatives take time to gain a return on investment. The lower monthly repayment amounts of long-term loans can give your business the margin it needs to maintain positive cash flow.

Loan amount from $10,000 -$1,000,000

How To Apply

Online Meeting

Prequalify Online

Office with a View

Same Day Approval

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Get Funded

To get prequalified, follow the "Apply Now" button and submit some basic business information.

After your submission has been processed by the underwriting team, we will reach out to discuss the options you qualify for.

Upon approval and accepting the offer, funds are deposited directly into your business bank account so you can use the money immediately.

Qualifying Criteria 

Your eligibility for a long-term business loan depends on:

  • Credit score

  • Time in business

  • Cash flow and other operating expenses

  • Stake in the business

Documentation Required

  • Signed one page funding application

  • 3-5 most recent months company bank statements

  • Full credit report

  • Business Plan (not all cases)

  • Business tax returns (not all cases)

Long-Term Business Loan: Advantages and Disadvantages

Due to our competitive interest rates and longer repayment terms, our long-term structures are great options for bigger projects. However, short term funding may be a better option for cash flow stabilization and growth initiatives with a shorter project timeline.


  • With longer, fixed-terms, large loan amounts, and competitive interest rates, our long-term loan options are ideal for pursuing growth and development.

  • Unlike a bank loan, which could take months, this product allows you to take immediate action.

  • Weekly/Monthly payments are more favorable repayment terms than daily payments, and allow you to focus on growth.

  • Interested in a long-term business loan? Our online application simplifies the process so you don’t have to provide all of the paperwork necessary for other long-term loans.


  • Keeping up with fixed payments can be difficult for businesses that experience seasonality or fluctuating.

  • Long-term financing is better suited for long-term projects rather than quick wins and cash flow stabilization. Small business owners seeking cash flow stabilization would be better off with short-term funding structures.

  • Long-term loans can be more difficult to qualify for than other financing products as it depends on annual revenue and business credit. 

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